Clean Up Your Snacks

There was no need to compromise. Pecans are nutritious and delicious.

With more time at home in 2020, daily snacking had increased, but that extra munching wasn’t always healthy. It was time for America to clean up its snacking habits and make smarter snacking choices.

Launched on National Snack Day, our Clean Up Your Snacks campaign was designed to help America snack more mindfully in 2021. The campaign acknowledged that for many, snacking had become a mess – both nutritionally and physically in our workspaces. We playfully showcased the all-too-relatable mess created by mindless munching and demonstrating how pecans are a perfect Clean Up snack.

To encourage Americans to tidy up their snacks, we launched the Clean Up Your Snacks Sweepstakes and partnered with actress, “Office Ladies” podcaster and YouTube baking show host Angela Kinsey to spread the word.

Resources for Industry

The following materials were provided to help spread the word about the Clean Up Your Snacks campaign. Although the campaign has ended, many of the following resources are evergreen and can still be used for a fun way to engage customers.

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Clean Up Your Snacks FAQs

What was the goal of the campaign?

According to recent consumer research, Americans have increased their snacking while working from home, but mindless snacking over their computers may not be giving them the fuel they need to get through the day. We encouraged Americans to clean up their snacking habits and choose pecans – a no-compromise option that is both delicious and nutritious.

What elements did the marketing campaign include?

American Pecans hosted a Clean Up Your Snacks sweepstakes where snackers submitted photos of their crumb-covered desks and smudged keyboards. Select entrants won a year’s supply of fresh pecans and other nutritious snacks.

To help spread the word, we partnered with actress, “Office Ladies” podcaster and YouTube baking show host Angela Kinsey, who promoted the campaign in both print and social media. The sweepstakes was also promoted via organic and paid social media campaigns.

American Pecans worked with influencers who featured tasty and nutritious pecan snacks, perfect for those work-from-home cravings. Registered Dieticians showcased the nutritional benefits and fueling power of pecans on local television segments.

We are also promoted nutritious snacking recipes on our website and via social media. Angela Kinsey shared her favorite pecan snacking tips in Life & Style and InTouch magazines.

How did industry participate in the Clean Up Your Snacks campaign?

The Clean Up Your Snacks campaign included a range of materials for industry to use during—and beyond—the national marketing campaign. Many of these items can still be used to promote pecans as the no-compromise – delicious and nutritious – snack.

Why was Angela Kinsey selected to promote the campaign?

Angela Kinsey is famous for her fictional workplace, as well as her “Office Ladies” podcast, which recently surpassed two million downloads. She is also a huge fan of pecans and has her YouTube show with her husband “Baking with Josh & Ange.” Her enthusiastic presence in both the pop culture and food spaces is undeniable, as well as the desire to transparently share her passions with her fan base.

Angela is a lifelong pecan fan and some of her earliest childhood memories are of shelling pecans from the three big trees at her grandparents’ home in North Texas. We are thrilled to have her support this campaign and champion American Pecans.

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