The Super Safe Pecan Debate

Puh-CON or PEA-can? America voted their pronunciation preference

In a world that’s nuttier than ever, there are few topics you can debate without risking your invite to family gatherings. That’s why American Pecans hosted The Super Safe Pecan Debate.

While we can all agree that pecans make the holidays more delicious, we’re still divided over how to say their name: PEA-can or puh-CON? We asked America to make their passionate pronunciation cases heard.

Resources for Industry

The following materials were provided to help spread the word about The Super Safe Pecan Debate. Although voting has ended, many of the following resources are evergreen and can still be used for a fun way to engage customers.

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Printing Instructions

At-home and professional printing instructions for your Super Safe Pecan Debate resources.

Campaign Button Stickers

Print these Super Safe Pecan Debate stickers at home or have them professionally printed on cardstock to give to customers. Show your support by wearing and distributing these “campaign buttons.”

Social Media Cards

Election-inspired social content—formatted for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook—helped us get out the vote.

Social Media Assets

Download social content to share with your own followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or repost content directly from @AmericanPecan social channels.

Promotional Posters

Posters helped to inspire customers, family, and friends to voice their pronunciation preference.

The Super Safe Pecan Debate FAQs

What was the goal of the campaign?

We used a culturally relevant, election-inspired approach to grab consumer attention.

Dissension is all around us, and every topic could lead to a contentious argument—even on the debate platform. We offered up a passionate—yet playful—alternative to get consumers talking about pecans. Voters also found delicious, pecan recipes to power them through the election and holiday seasons.

What elements did the marketing campaign include?

The poll was promoted via organic and paid social media campaigns. A suite of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ads encouraged users to vote for their picks in real-time polls. Some advertisements featured our giveaway prize—fresh pecans, a limited-edition Super Safety Blanket, and access delicious snacking recipes. These ads drove users to a landing page,, to enter to win by casting their vote.

To encourage voting and conversation alike, American Pecans sent snuggle-worthy Super Safety Blankets to influencers, who not only shared videos and pictures unboxing their blankets, but also posted their own voting polls.

American Pecans also worked with influencers Shakira Patterson (team PEA-can) and Liz Moody (team puh-CON) who shared their preferred pronunciation on Instagram, and encouraged their followers to vote.

The campaign was shared with reporters around the country—from lifestyle, food and recipe journalists to local broadcast and daily newspapers—using the All-American debate to engage consumers and promote The Original Supernut™ as the go-to ingredient through the election and holiday seasons.

How did industry participate in The Super Safe Pecan Debate campaign?

The Super Safe Pecan Debate campaign included a range of materials for industry to use during—and beyond—the national marketing campaign. Many of these items can still be used to promote your preferred pronunciation and inspire Americans with delicious and nutritious pecan snacking ideas.

Campaign resources include campaign button stickers for enhancing packaging and other promotional materials, and posters for sharing at farmer’s markets, posting at local shops or when packaging up customer purchases. Materials also include social media content available for download from this page as well as from our Social Assets page.

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