Make Every Week
A Superweek

Meal planning a week of delicious options using one bag of American Pecans

Pecans are a hard-working ingredient that can amp up any standard meal or snack.

To show the true versatility of America’s native nut, we’re introducing the many unique and delicious ways to incorporate pecans into weekly menus through our latest marketing initiative – Superweeks.

Capitalizing on the popular meal planning trend, we’ve created weekly line-ups of pecan-inspired recipes to equip consumers with a week’s worth of dishes the whole family can enjoy.

With Superweeks, we’re taking it a step further by showing the versatility and value one bag of pecans a week can provide through multiple recipes.

From topping oatmeal and salads to coating chicken and fish, the versatility of pecans makes them a perfect meal planning staple.

Whether consumers choose to use one of our American Pecans meal plans or are inspired to create their own, adding pecans to their weekly grocery routine allows for new and delicious options beyond the pie. With The Original Supernut, every week can be a Superweek.

Superweeks Resources for Industry

We encourage you to leverage the American Pecans brand and marketing assets– including materials created for Superweeks – in the promotion of your own business. Below, you’ll find a host of materials to help you get the most out of the Superweeks campaign. We’ll add more assets as the campaign continues, so be sure to check this page regularly for new resources. If you ever have questions about how to best use American Pecans materials, please reach out to the APC at– we are here to help!

Superweeks Materials: Printing Instructions

Quick and easy instruction guide to help you print and share your Superweeks materials.

Printable Superweeks Recipe Cards

Print on your own or have them professionally printed on cardstock to hand out to customers.

Printable Superweeks Wallet Cards

Have these on-the-go advertisements printed professionally to share with customers.

Printable Superweeks Stickers

Print on your own or have them professionally printed to hand out to customers.

Superweeks FAQs

What is the goal of Superweeks?

We know that our target audience – meal-planning Gen X and Y moms – show the highest potential for driving the most pecan consumption. Our goal is to change their perception of pecans from a specialized ingredient – something they purchase occasionally for a single, specific recipe – to a staple ingredient that is part of their meal planning and on their grocery list every week.

Who is our target audience and why do we have one?

While we want everyone to know about and enjoy American Pecans, having a target audience allows the APC to efficiently use industry funds by focusing marketing efforts on those consumers who represent the greatest opportunity for expanding the purchase and consumption of pecans. Because of their busy schedules, love of cooking and learning about food, household purchasing power and focus on nutrition, the APC identified moms in Gen X and Y as the consumer segment most likely to buy pecans when properly motivated.

Why is meal planning so important for Gen X and Y moms?

Meal planning has become a popular trend among Gen X and Y moms because of their focus on convenience and nutrition. By planning their meals in advance, moms can save time, money and energy during busy weeknights, while serving their families wholesome dishes they can feel good about. Superweeks inserts American Pecans into this popular trend by showing all the ways one bag of pecans can factor into a week’s worth of nutritious and delicious meals.

What marketing tactics does Superweeks leverage?

The campaign runs from April through September 2019, rotating themes every few weeks. Each theme aligns with a key consumer food trend and highlights one of the many benefits of pecans – such as heart-health, gluten-free recipes, and 30-minute meals. To develop each week’s recipe collection, we’re working with bloggers our target audience follows, who also specialize in creating meal plans, to showcase delicious new options featuring The Original Supernut. You’ll see these meal plans shared on APC social media, on the APC website, and on the bloggers’ own websites and social channels!

What is the difference between Superweeks and Super-fy?

Think of Superweeks as an evolution of Super-fy. When we launched Super-fy at the beginning of 2019, our goal was to show consumers that the addition of pecans can make a single meal super. With Superweeks, we’re taking it a step further by showing the versatility and value one bag of pecans a week can provide.

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