Meal Planning 101

Meal Planning 101

Avid cook or not quite sure how to scramble an egg? Wherever you are on your culinary quest, meal planning takes the guesswork out of getting meals on the table.

It’s a super way to save time and money, and help your family eat healthier. Here’s the low-down on getting in the meal-planning habit:

  1. Look at your calendar: Plan the quickest, least-prep-work-involved meals for busy evenings. Go a little wild on nights when you’re wide open (if that’s your thing).
  2. Check for dietary restrictions: Be sure to pick recipes that align with your family’s needs: food allergies, food sensitivities or medical conditions.
  3. Establish go-to shopping list and pantry items: Take note of the versatile ingredients you always want to have on hand: things like cooking oil and staple seasonings. And pecans! Consider adding a bag to your weekly shopping list to use in place of croutons or breadcrumbs, on top of salads, veggies or pasta… and more.
  4. Build your plan around dinner: Dinner’s typically the star of the show, so focus on it first and keep breakfasts and lunches on autopilot (think cereals, granola bars, simple sandwiches and salads). Sit down over the weekend to pick your meals and write your grocery list, then shop for everything at once to lighten the load during the week.

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