Notice of Assessment Rate Change Beginning October 1, 2021

September 29, 2021

Important News from the American Pecan Council to all Handlers
In anticipation of the American Pecan Promotion Board beginning assessment collections on October 1st, the American Pecan Council (APC) approved a lowering in the assessment rate for handled pecans within the area of production in the September 22, 2021 Council Meeting. The APC lowered the assessment rate to ensure that the US industry will continue to pay the same rate under both programs, while ensuring that marketing programs continue smoothly and seamlessly. The rate change reduces the assessment for improved pecans to $0.01 and Native/Seedling and Substandard pecans to $0.00 beginning in the October 2021 monthly reporting forms due on November 10th. The new assessment rate will be reflected in the portal for the October reports. Please see the assessment rates by month outlined below.

September 2021 Reporting Forms – Due October 10th
Improved – $0.03
Native/Seedling – $0.02
Substandard – $0.02

Beginning October 2021 Reporting Forms – Due November 10th
Improved – $0.01
Native/Seedling – $0.00
Substandard – $0.00

Handlers will continue to report even if they have no assessment due. Having no assessments due does not exempt handlers of reporting unless they fall under the exemptions outlined in § 986.86 Exemptions.

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