In a world gone nuts, we need a nice, low-stakes issue to argue with friends and family this holiday season. So go nuts! Dispute your coworkers. Argue your uncle. When the debate’s safe, it’s all good.

Do you say "PEA-can"?
34.06%    122,855 votes
Or is it "puh-CON"?
65.94%    237,839 votes

Final results reflect votes cast on PecanDebate.com and in social media polls.

Voting makes me hungry. Recipes, please!

Voting is now closed for the Super Safe Pecan Debate!
Thanks for your vote!

Super Safety Blanket

with a Snacking Pecan Pouch!

Nuts! The deadline to enter to win your own Super Safety Blanket has passed.

Winners will be notified by Friday, November 20.

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All Super Safe and Controversy Free!

All our recipes are crowdpleasers, no matter how they pronounce “pecan.”

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